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Top Korean Beauty Trends

Top Korean Beauty Trends

This may come as a surprise, but many of the top beauty trends, even the ones popularized by American celebrities, tend to have their roots in Asia, specifically South Korean. This is a country which has always strived to redefine the world of beauty. They are a country which look to innovate. However, there are some trends which have popped out of South Korea which have been around for a while now. These are trends which probably are not going anywhere soon. If you care about the way you look, it is important that you master them.

Dewy Skin

This is a beauty trend which came from Asia, but very quickly spread throughout the world. Dewy skin is all about creating a youthful glow. It makes your face look slightly plump too, which is marvellous for those who want a bit more of an eye-catching look. All it takes it the subtlest pink tint to your cheeks to completely change the way you look. Of course, you are going to need to start off with a good foundation to even out your skin tone somewhat.

Yes, contouring has been around for a while, but Koreans like to do something a little bit different when it comes to contouring. They like a sculpted face which looks as natural as possible. To make it work you will need to do the following:

Start with a concealer which is lighter than your skin tone. Not too much. This should be applied just under your nose, under the eyes, on the chin, and on the forehead.

Then using a small amount of brown powder (try to get close to your skin tone, but it does need to be a little bit darker) you start to trace around the perimeter of your face. It looks very natural and if you do it correctly, it shouldn’t even look like you are wearing too much makeup.

Straight Brows

Women spend years trying to come up with the perfect eyebrow style. It looks like the Koreans have nailed it. Koreans tend to opt for a straighter brow. This helps to frame the face. They then thin the hair out a little bit, just to give the eyebrows a bit more of a youthful appearance. It really is going to be a very subtle change for most people, but it really does work wonders.

Ombre Lips

We are going to round off this list with the ombre lip. With this style, you will need a few different lipsticks. They need to be slightly different shades to one another, however they can only be slightly different. If you have shades which are too drastic, this look does not work. Start with a darker shade on the inside of your lip. As you work out, start lightening the shade a little bit. This is actually quite a tough style to pull off as it can be very difficult to get the lipstick to look even, but if you can manage that, you will look stunning.

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